Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello blogger! this will be my first entry for my emm maybe third blog.I just know that i have 2 blog before and rupanya i have 4 blogs!! very suprised me and so what can i say is hahahaha.

so for this first entry i just want to say..i am really really miss u my dear rain! Very Miss you! that are three words come out from my mouth haha..Actually i want to know deeply bout your activities in "PLKN"..too bad,u are not allowed to bring ur phone..ur lappy or whatever that can make us connect each other.You totally made me cry my dear..sobs sobs:(

calm down..calm down.there must be 2 month more to finish all your training and you will be free from that prison on 17 march if i'm not wrong..dont worry,i'll wait for you.

aLright..pen off..bye:)